Sunday, December 9, 2012

I love birthdays

Happy 22nd Birthday to me! This birthday reminds me of a story from my community college days with my best friend Mary Kathryn.

We had heard about this guy who talked to walls and people who weren’t really there, basically he was crazy, but harmless and his name was Ryan. But we had never seen him and we had been going to college for almost 2 whole semester. So he was like the phantom crazy guy. The very last day of school I just had one gift left to hand out to a professor and I stopped inside the L.A. building to write in the card. Mary Kathryn was telling me a story when all of a sudden, out of no where, we hear, “Hey you cute, both ya’ll are.” I turned around and there he was. “Oh you got a lil’ baby face, how old you guys?” we didn't tell him we were sixteen, we just stared at him. “Are you 21? I know your not 22!  Seriously, how old you guys?” And still we stared. “Do you know the bad thing about being 21? Your siblings want you to go buy them alcohol. But you say NO! How old you guys? For real...are you 21? Do you want to come stay at my house for the summer? Do you come from dat way or dis way? You probably come from dat way. Well, you take dat lil’ road, you know what I am talkin’ bout? Then you will see dis car, hail damage on the left fender, and your there. We gonna have fun” And with that he waved and walked away. We laughed and then I looked at my note of gratitude and it read “have a summer.” So much for my sweet note! I stopped by the college the other day for transcripts and he was still there…talking to a wall. Some things never change....I miss those days that I thought would last for ever, it seems like yesterday I was worried about Algebra and thought 22 was forever away!

GB tribal print wedges from my sweet family, my mom wasn't too crazy about them!
But I just adore them.

Silver Dusk iridescent highlighter powder from MAC. Completely in love with this
sheer shimmer.

My mom found these vintage pink and white ruffle saucers six months ago and
kept them hidden away from me all that time! They match my pink and white ruffle plates!

Bobbi Brown is wonderful, let's all agree about this. Ok? Ok! Nude Pink and Pale Pink blush!!!
Being 22 is fun!


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Fefe! Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, dear friend!

  3. That's a really crazy story about that man. Sounds like a really interesting experience haha. Happy 22!! Your gifts are so fun; love the antique plates!

  4. Happy 22 birthday, I hope this is the best one yet!! What a crazy story!
    xo TJ