Saturday, January 19, 2013

a vintage photo shoot

I got asked to model for a photo shoot, by my dear friend Kat from Always and Forever Photography.  I absolutely adore Kat's photography, not only is she the sweetest and so fun to be around, but you see little bits of her in every picture she takes, and I love that. I love when you immediately know who is play the piano without even turning around, because you know the sound their music makes, or you see a painting and instantly you know who created it just by the strokes of the paint, it is that way with Kat's photography. I remember the first time I visited her blog she had posted a family photo session. Everyone was in pj's outside in the most glorious tent made of old quilts, playing board games as the sun went down. It was the most beautiful family shoot I had ever seen and I knew in that moment when I have my little family someday, she will be taking our family pics! She has such a wonderful way of making you feel so comfortable before she ever snaps a picture and incorporates the little things you love into the pictures, whether it is old records or perfume bottles or your grandma's quilt.

Kat asked if we could incorporate a vintage feel to the makeup, hair and clothing for the shoot, and I was so excited about the theme she was creating, I think I brought my whole closet with me the day of the shoot! We both love anything vintage and the little antique shop near her house agreed to let us spend the afternoon among their old things, dressing up and taking pictures. SO excited to share a few with you! For the rest of the shoot and more photography by Kat, stop by her blog!

Printed Bell Sleeve dress from Chandelier's Boutique and Brown dress from Banana Republic (two years ago)

Makeup from the shoot
NAKED 2: Foxy over the whole lid, Tease and Busted through the crease, Half Baked to line the bottom lash line and inner eye corner
NAKED 2: Blacout and Busted shadow mixed together to fill in the eyebrows
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline to line the top lid
ARDELL natural false lashes
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Pumper Mascara in Black Velvet
100% Aloe Vera as a face primer (so cheap and I have found it to work great!)
MAC Face and Body foundation
Clinique almost powder in neutral fair
MAC Harmony blush
MAC Creme De Nude lipstick

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wish list

Pinned Image
A manicure...this one to be exact!

Pinned Image
Wool felt coasters, I am not familair with the site that sells them and I think that is the
only thing holding me back from purchasing these!

This Mad Love Navajo Throw Sweater has been on my wishlist for a while. It is 50% off at Edge of Urge
and is now hanging in my closet. Favorite purchase of far!

Nars Andy Warhol Edie Gift Set. I love the colors. I love the packaging.

2 Vintage Quilt Pillows in 16x16 - 50
These pillow cases made from vintage quilts!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Red Carpet Makeup Trends

I love watching the first few red carpet appearances of the year. It gives so much insight into the coming trends, especially in makeup. These were my personally favorites from the Golden Globes!

I always love her makeup and this is no exception. I am noticing
 heavier liner everywhere and she pulls off the look beautifully!
Paired with the subtle cheeks and a nude lip, I think is it dramatic and bold.
This look seems so Audrey Hepburn to me.  I love the light berry lip,
neutral eyes, and strong just works with her pixie cut.

Nicole matched her eyeshadow to her dress and I love how youthful and
fun it turned out to be!


pictures used for inspiration only


Julianne Hough Hair
How great is this lipstick? I feel like NARS Heat Wave would be very close to this shade.
Oh and is Julianne Hough's new haircut not the cutest? SERIOUSLY!


So excited to embrace the brights this year brings!


pictures from google and used for inspiration only