Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Meet Crystal

I remember sitting on Grandma Rivera's bed while she folded the laundry and begging her to tell me again how she and Grandpa Rivera met and not leave out any of the details. And for probably the 100th time she would tell me her love story. Grandpa was on leave and in uniform at a bus stop in California and her brother was also on leave, in uniform, and waiting for the same bus and they struck up a conversation probably about the weather and how excited they were to be going home. As soon as her brother found out Grandpa was Puerto Rican, that was it! Even if Grandpa had tried to get out of it, he couldn't have, he was coming home with Grandma's brother for homemade rice and beans, Puerto Rican style! And so that night Grandpa joined the family for a real Puerto Rican feast and sat across from Grandma, the love of his life. "And so," Grandma would say, "You don't have to go out looking for your guy, he might come to your very door." And I would laugh and tell her that would only happen in the 40's!

But then I met Crystal and as I was doing her wedding hair, I asked her how she met her fiance and she said, "He worked for my dad and ended up making a delivery to our house on Thanksgiving and we asked him to stay for dinner and then dessert and then we talked by the fire till very early in the morning and then made my dad's delivery for him the next day." How sweet is that? Even without bus rides home and military uniforms he still came to her very door!

Crystal's wedding hair- I created an updo in the back that
transitions into a curled side ponytail.

Crystal and Jimmy on their wedding day


photos courtesy of Crystal's mom

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wash With Joe

I found a sample of Wash With Joe in my April Glossybox and was so excited to give it a try because it said coffeemint body wash....COFFEE body wash...with mint! I was raised at Starbucks and these days I am lucky if I make it through the day with just one cup! So why not have it in my shower too? I loved this body wash! I have the worst allergies right now so my sense of smell is not great, so all I can say is I could smell the coffee and mint...I don't know how strong the scent would be if I could actually smell, so just take that part with a grain of salt! I used it tonight and it has been about 45 minutes and I am kind of wishing I had used it in the morning, because I feel so clear and awake and ready to face the world! I have never heard of Wash With Joe and so I did a little research. First of all...it is for all people, so if your guy is tired of the flowery stuff taking over the shower, coffee and mint might be your answer. Now on to the good stuff, coffee with caffeine is a natural deodorizer so you are going to stay fresh longer, it smoothes skin, it can even reduce cellulite and even repair UV damaged skin. So grab a bottle of Joe and head to the shower...your skin will thank you!

Wash With Joe $28.00