Monday, April 22, 2013

latest hair inspiration

With my first hair appointment since before Santa came fast approaching, I have been looking at hair pics more than usual and envisioning what my summer hair will be like. Saturday come fast!

Long layers just work best for my hair, but since it has been so long since my hair has been trimmed,
 my once perfect layers are not at the right length anymore!

I love the imperfect tousled texture going on is kind of mermaid-y,
which makes me think of summer, which makes me think I am going to be rocking this look.
more slightly messy texture that I am kind of obsessed with

* pictures from pinterest for inspiration only

Thursday, April 18, 2013

she wants to be famous

Previously, I did a post on my baby sis's makeup for her head shots. Well last night she had our middle sis Daniella (who happens to be a journalism major) shoot and edit her first video audition, while I did her makeup and helped her change outfits! I just wanted to share this happy little moment with all of you.

The Audition Makeup: We were able to film in a studio with amazing lighting so it
made my job so much easier and allowed for less makeup. I hand applied Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation to her face just for light and even coverage. I then used MAC Harmony blush as a light bronzer to the high points of her face, just to provide definition. I used MAC Painterly Paint Pot on the eyes to even out the skin tone, without looking
like she has eye shadow on. Maybelliene Colossal Mascara in Black to the lashes, top and bottom. For the lips I applied MAC Painterly Paint Pot lightly to the lips to cancel out some of the natural redness and then applied
 MAC lipglass in Wee Coquette
Getting ready to film
Having a little fun in the studio before filming...because how often do you get
to sit in a real anchor chair?

I can't believe she is 13 and so very talent and doing auditions and important, exciting things like that! Doesn't she look like a mini Twiggy???


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Latest LOVES

Benefit High Beam is the perfect highlighter, giving a natural glow without too much sparkle or shine.
I have several different highlighters, but this one has quickly become the one I rely on.

I have been using this dry shampoo for over a year and I try different ones that are more expensive and
I always come back to this one. I have decide to give up on all other dry shampoos and be loyal to Suave.
It takes care of the "I need to wash my hair" look and gives the most amazing volume and it is under 4 dollars.

This just came in my March Glossybox... and I already adore it. Cheek +Lips is my new favorite natural lip look for Spring. If you want your lips to have natural color while looking like you have nothing on check this stuff out. It looks so very dark but once it is rubbed in to the skin it is this beautiful subtle rosy color.

Ok, I have to say a BIG thank you to Cara from Maskcara for her blog post on nude lips and getting me hooked on this. Cara if you are ever in Dallas, Texas I owe you a coffee! Cover Girl perfect blend eyeliner in Mink has transformed my nude lip look. Seriously, try this as a lip liner, it will change your lips and your life!

I know this has nothing to do with beauty or hair or makeup, but I love them so here it is. Mrs. May's Dark Chocolate Freeze
Dried Strawberries are my new favorite snack. These are so amazing...just don't eat them while you watch a scary show or you may possibly eat the whole bag in twenty minutes!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

When Hope Is Not Enough

Philosophy - When Hope Is Not Enough Replenishing Cream

I hope your Easter weekend was special and filled with wonderful memories. Even though my sisters and I are all older, my mom still filled the house with Easter treats. I spent the weekend at home with the family, and I met the sweetest bride and did her hair and makeup for her bridal photo shoot and I can't wait to share them with you after her wedding. I actually got out of my sweat pants and dressed up for a few hours (that almost never happens on the weekends anymore), and spent a great deal of time at Starbucks talking for hours with dear friends. I also tried out some new products, one being Philosophy's When Hope Is Not Enough moisturizer.

Earlier in the week, I went into Macy's for a couple of makeup items and was introduced to Philosophy's skin care line. They have stuff for every skin type imaginable, but because I have dry skin I was particularly interested in what would help my skin type. A friend who also has dry skin was looking to try some products that would help her skin, so I picked up their When Hope Is Not Enough moisturizer for each of us. When Hope is Not Enough is basically a more intensified version of their Hope in a Jar Moisturizer, specifically formulated to help dry to very dry skin.

Both of us are completely in love with this moisturizer and will probably use it for the rest of our lives if we can afford it! My friend texted me the next morning and was amazed at the difference she was seeing and feeling already in her skin. I put some of the Hope in a Jar moisturizer on one hand and When Hope Is Not Enough on the other hand, and you can definitely feel the difference between the two products. I have to be honest, this skin care line is expensive and this moisturizer runs $50 a jar. But a little goes a long way with this stuff and I feel like it would last a while and I am seeing the results that I just haven't experienced with other moisturizers, so for me it is worth it. This moisturizer hydrates, smooths, and refreshes, without being greasy and the texture is great! I do wish it was not so flowery in scent, because spring allergies are bothersome right now for me and the scent just adds to that. But I am sure when allergy season is over the scent won't be as noticeable.

If you don't have dry skin, but want to try out some of the philosophy products more suited to your skin type, you can find them at Macy's or Sephora. Both places will let you try the products in store and will even send you home with a little sample if you want to experience it a little longer before committing.

xoxo and extra hugs to Jacki for trying this out with me,