Friday, March 22, 2013

In my makeup bag

Benefit Brows a go-go is the newest addition to my makeup bag. I have had it all of two days and I don't know how my brows managed before! I absolutely love this little kit. First off it has some brow wax that just helps you shape your brows and hold any unruly hairs in place. I prefer this on my brows as opposed to a gel, because it is not as stiff and looks more natural. Then there are two shades to fill in the brows, a lighter one and a darker one. I like the two shade option because this is something I can use personally but also it is something I can use as a makeup artist. And options are just a good thing! The next two things in the kit I was really skeptical about. There is a highlighter which looks light pink and then a eye brightener which looks even more pink and I was a little concerned that both would be that color on, but they aren't. The highlighter does it's job and I love it more and more each time I use it. The eye brightener has the consistency of a wax and I just rub a little on my finger and dab it in the corner of my eye and it really does make me look more awake. Finally, they included some little tweezers, an eyeliner, a little dual sided brush, and DIRECTIONS!!! There is a little step by step guide complete with pictures to help you use this kit. I really, really like that because sometimes it is hard to know how to use all the components of a kit, and so there are a few things that never get used, because we simply don't know what to do with them. I love this little box of brow greatness, it has made my life better!


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