Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Psst! Your brushes want to be cleaned

I started using Philosophy's Purity face wash about a month ago and I am really liking it for a basic face wash, but I love using it to clean my brushes. There must be some sort of conditioning component to this stuff because when the brushes dry they are just as soft as when you bought them. So if your makeup brushes need a little cleaning give this stuff a try!

Purity made simply 


  1. Do you just leave your brushes to dry or put them on a radiator or use a hair dryer? Mine just take forever to dry!

    Harian x.

  2. I wash them in the early evening and lay them on a towel to dry. By the next morning, they are good to use. If one is still damp, (usually a large brush) I typically have duplicates so I just use another and let it finish drying. But if you don't have duplicates, I am sure using a blow dryer on a light setting to finish the drying would be fine.