Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October

So I welcomed October with new hair, just call me Lily from the Munsters, ok? Ok.

I actually really love this month. I watch bunches of Alfred Hitchcock, eat all the pumpkin-y yumminess that is everywhere, dress my feet in boots, go bowling in cozy sweaters, and I buy that makeup you just can't find any other time of the year. Here are some of my favorites!

These shimmer eyelashes from Urban Outfitter's Halloween Makeup are so
fabulous. They have a few colors and I think the silver pair
would be perfect for a New Year's party or a 60's party!

Anastasia came out with some very cool colors for  hair and brows so if you were
thinking of going pink or purple or any other fun color, check this stuff out, also at Urban Outfitters!

Cosmic Black Sparkle nail polish from Forever 21