Thursday, May 1, 2014

so I made a face mask

So I, myself, me…the cooking disaster made a face mask! I think a combination of stress and little sleep and hormones and a trip to the zoo (I am convinced the wind blew an excessive amount of dirt into my face) has left me with the biggest breakout ever. It's not pretty guys. And I just ordered new face products to change up my skin care routine, but they aren't here yet so there was just no avoiding it, I HAD to make a face mask. So I chose a tried and true one, with two ingredients. Meet "the super easy face mask that even felicia can't mess up."

So the good thing about this is you probably have both ingredients in your house right now. Aspirin is known to reduce redness, swelling, and pain while helping to clear up the situation! And Honey is just great on so many levels and will thicken the mask.

Step 1: use just enough water to dissolve tables, I used six and they dissolve very quickly so a little water is all you need

Step 2: add honey to thicken and mix with a spoon. (I used one spoonful of raw, local honey)

Step 3: I washed my face with warm water first to open up my pores and then applied the mask and I left the mask on for about 12 minutes before washing it off.

And that is it! It was so easy and I really could see a difference in the redness and sensitivity.


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