Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And God Created The Woman

I was out makeup shopping like us makeup artists do and I stumbled upon this new NARS eyeshadow palette, And God Created The Woman. It was love at first sight and the perfect neutral eye palette. This picture does not come even close to how spectacular these colors are. Included with this palette is an eye shadow brush and eye primer. Can I just rave about the brush for a minute? Usually when a brush comes in a palette, it is a huge disappointment. I mean it's an extra, your aren't really buying the palette for the brush, so it is ok if it is something you use once and then it sinks to the bottom of the drawer never to be used again. I would spend $5O all over again...just to have more than one of these brushes. It is the perfect size and shape to make applying your base shadow quick and easy, you can also go back in with the end of the brush to brush shadow through your crease or highlight your brow. And did I mention the bristles are so soft? Good job NARS!



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