Sunday, October 7, 2012

Makeup Inspiration~Gwen Stefani

Mom, wife, singer, band member, fashion designer...Gwen Stefani does it all! She always manages to look flawless whether she is playing with her kids or attending a red carpet event. She has perfected the red lip, which has become her signature look and one of the first things she is asked to reveal in her interviews is her lipstick of choice. It is no secret, I think she is pretty amazing and if I could pull off the platinum blonde I would do it in a second, but since I can't, I will simply wear red lipstick and maybe name one of my future kids Gwen.

Her classic look for her 2012 Harper's Bazaar photo shoot

Her 2012 Instyle makeup. I love the new twist on her signature look. The two toned blue eyeliner is gorgeous!

Love the electric blue and soft lip...and her updo!

The contrast between her pale skin and dark eyes and lip is stunning

I wanted to add one with her current hairstyle of choice..."the fun bun"

images from google for inspiration purposes only

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