Saturday, October 6, 2012

Makeup Inspiration~Priscilla Presley

Some of my very favorite makeup looks come from the 60's. I love to play up my eyes and the 60's were ALL about the eyes! Priscilla Presley is the perfect example and her look is one of my favorites to recreate. The following photos are ones I look to to help me get the look right.  

This look is so beautiful! I love the extended eyeliner and the ultra thick lashes.
This look is not quite as dramatic, so it is a little more wearable, but still super gorgeous..
The liner is only on the upper lid which really opens the eyes and makes the top lashes seem
even bigger!

Check out the hair...grab a teasing comb people! This is a very heavy eye. Long lashes, thick liner, and arched brows

And this is my personal favorite makeup look...the wedding makeup. How stunning is she?!!

all of these picture are from google and are for inspiration purposes only

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