Friday, July 18, 2014

How To Use MAC Pigments

Vanilla (great for a highlighter) and Copper Sparkle (wonderful as a crease shadow)
I bought some MAC Pigments a while back and forgot that I had them until today. They are a loose shadow with a lot of color so a little goes a long ways. I think they are very fun and can add more dimension to your eye than a regular shadow. Below is a step by step of how I use them without making a huge mess!

STEP 1: I am using a MAC 239 brush. Barely dip the bristles into the pigment
STEP 2: Tap the pigment from the brush into the lid
and work with the pigment in the lid
STEP 3: Tap brush on the side of the lid to knock off extra pigment

STEP 4: Use the small amount left on your brush to apply and
repeat steps 2-4 as needed until you reach the desired look.


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